Yet another Sorsese interview – no, we can’t get enough


Martin Scorsese is at a point in his career when he has it all: respect, an Oscar, mainstream fame, the ability to do whatever he wants. This week, what he wants to do is show you his new Rolling Stones concert film, then get back to making another Boston movie.

It all comes back to the image. Start the director talking about "Shine a Light" - it opened in theaters Friday - and he waxes eloquently on how the early Stones hits beamed sonic movies right into the young Scorsese's head. (Already he was cutting to the beat.) Ask him about what it was like to capture the last rock legends still standing as a unit, filmed in two nights in the fall of 2006 at New York's Beacon Theatre, and you'll hear gory, fascinating details of the all-star camera logistics.

And float a query about the new movie Scorsese's shooting in Boston - "Ashecliffe," based on Dennis Lehane's "Shutter Island" - and you get a wonderful mental picture of Leonardo DiCaprio going to film school with Professor Marty, watching the 1947 film noir classic "Out of the Past" in a private screening at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. (Can we audit?)


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