Writer Mark Bomback talks about working on the new Die Hard movie ‘Live Free or Die Harder’


Are you super-heroed out? Are you suffering from spandex fatigue? Have you seen one too many computer-generated fireball infernos filling up your cinema screen? If so, the makers of the $100 million Die Hard 4, the latest episode in the 19-year-old hard-hitting action franchise, think they have the answer.

Betting on a certain ennui among a cine-ma-going public tired of synthetic comic-book heroes such as Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, the marketing hounds at 20th Century Fox have come up with a genius promotional tagline for their punchy new Die Hard movie: “No mask. No cape. No problem.” That tagline kind of sums up the allure of the Die Hard movies,” explains the film’s 36-year-old screenwriter, Mark Bomback. “There’s something about the everyman quality of the hero John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) that people respond to. He’s just a guy, a normal cop, who wants to have this one moment of peace with his family, but it keeps on getting disrupted.” 

(Source: Times Online)

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