Writer-Director David Goyer fades into the background with ‘The Invisible’

David Goyer is best known as the screenwriter of the Blade series of movies and Batman Begins. His initial foray into directing was ZigZag, an independent movie about an autistic teenager that went nowhere theatrically.  His freshman duties found him helming Blade: Trinity, the third movie in the Blade series. Now he returns to the director chair with a more personal story of teenage angst called The Invisible.  Based on the novel by Mats Wahl that was made into the Swedish film Den Onsynlige, Goyer’s take on an American reimagining is darker in tone, as most of his writing is. A teenager (Justin Chatwin, Tom Cruise’s son in War of the Worlds) is beaten to death and wakes up in limbo between life and death where nobody can see him. As he struggles to find his killer, the answers reveal a dark universe of complicated betrayals and unlikely friendship. 


The Invisible marks a departure for Goyer from the superhero-type material into more dramatic territory, grounds he covered in ZigZag. Like any writer-director that doesn’t want to be pigeonholed in any particular genre, Goyer is branching out between smaller independent films and big budget tentpole studio movies. 

Meanwhile, Goyer continues to tread on the dark superhero material he is widely regarded for in the industry. His next project, The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins is currently shooting for a summer 2008 release. He has also announced plans to produce a new Green Arrow movie called Supermax with a broader interpretation of the character’s mythology. In this interview, David Goyer talks about the various superhero landscape he’s skirted in adapting for the silver screen.

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