Writer-Director Andrew Niccol back in the game with sci-fi movie ‘In Time’

Take a glance at Andrew Niccol's body of work, and it becomes apparent that the filmmaker is interested in exploring otherworldly realities.

The first movie he wrote and directed, 1997's "Gattaca," presented a society in which children are born with only their parents' strongest hereditary traits — creating an environment in which people are judged by their gene pools. A few years later, he made "S1m0ne," a 2002 film about a computer-generated woman who becomes a famous actress.

Now comes "In Time," the director's latest project with fantastical themes. The movie, out on Oct. 28, is set in a world where everyone's biological clock stops at age 25. Here, time is the currency — the wealthy can live infinitely, while the poor must work for — or steal — enough minutes just to survive the day.



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