Without the Art of Screenwriting, Hollywood’s Greatest Movies Would Not Have Been Great

On the surface, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "The Hurt Locker" might deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. They're both explosive action thrillers hitting screens this summer. Both feature young men on a physically grueling quest in the desert, and both even feature robots as their heroes' unlikely aides-de-camp.

But viewers who happen to see both films will no doubt feel and think radically different things upon leaving the theater. In the case of "Transformers," directed by Michael Bay, they're likely to feel pummeled and punched by the movie's loud, relentless action, not to mention confused by what all the sound and fury was about. Something to do with an ancient robot race extinguishing the sun by way of a sharp metallic dingus in an Egyptian pyramid? Whatever, let's go grab a Super Gulp and play Grand Theft Auto.


Commentary, Screenwriting

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