Will Smith’s Hancock movie could be summer’s first super-flop


WILL SMITH'S upcoming superhero movie Hancock could well have a bumpy landing at the box office, with reshoots reportedly under way seven weeks before release following negative reactions at test screenings.

In this comedy superhero film - not based on a comicbook - Smith plays a lazy, alcoholic, depressed, down-and-out super-loser with the abilities of flight, strength and invulnerability.

Smith's character John Hancock saves the life of PR consultant Ray Embry (Jason Bateman), who then offers to help the downtrodden hero get back on his feet and rebuild his life. But Embry's wife Mary (Charlize Theron) turns out to be connected to the superhero.

Some movie fans online have dismissed the negativity and claim the alleged reshoots in New York are 'pick-up shots' to establish the film's location in that city (as it was largely filmed elsewhere, in Los Angeles). It's certainly not unusual for extra pieces of filming to be done just weeks before release.

(Coventry Telegraph)

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