Why You Might Want To Watch The Simpsons Online For A Change

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You're the first to admit it, back in college you were a huge fan of The Simpsons. Seasons five through seven were the best thing on TV at that time in your opinion. You knew all the characters, of course, could reliably do half a dozen pretty good impersonations, owned a well-loved copy of the first Simpsons guide and could be counted upon to find a Simpsons quote for any and every occasion (much to the exasperation of your girlfriend at the time). In truth, to this day D'oh, Woohoo! and Excellent are components of your everyday vocabulary and you've long given up trying to suppress them.

You were tickled a few years ago when your daughter started watching The Simpsons and enjoyed watching the episodes with her when you could. She has since moved on to other shows and now it is rare for you to sit down and watch the show anymore. Occasionally you'll get a twinge to see a specific episode but it always passes. Why not indulge yourself next time you get a twinge and watch The Simpsons online?

## There are simply so many episodes trying to wait for the ones you love can take a long long time.

In 22 seasons (so far) there've been close to five hundred episodes of The Simpsons but most folks only have probably about a half dozen favorites. The die hard fans enjoy a good number of episodes but even they don't like them all. Even with all the countless opportunities that cable TV affords, if you're really dying to watch a specific episode you might wait a very long time indeed.

## DVDs are so expensive you can't possibly justify buying them.

To buy a season of The Simpsons is close to thirty dollars or more. You doubt you'd pay that much for even your favorite seasons. To buy all 22 seasons would likely run you well over $500. Even if you were to pick up the complete box set of the first twenty one seasons you would be looking at close to $300. You like The Simpsons, at one time you might have even said you loved The Simpsons but let's be realistic, we're still talking about a twenty-one minute to twenty-four minute cartoon.

## Even rental is expensive when it all is said and done.

You have rented Simpsons DVDs a disc at a time from your local video store on occasion but even rentals are expensive in the long run. Plus the discs are often scratched to hell and you inevitably only ever want to see at most two or three of the episodes on any given disc.

## Sometimes you just want to see one scene from one episode

Sometimes it just strikes you that you want to see a certain episode, or even a certain scene from a specific episode. It is a fleeting impulse but one you'd dearly love to indulge.

These are just some of the many reasons why so many individuals watch the Simpsons online nowadays. It is so easy. Just go online and Google "Watch The Simpsons Online" and you're sure to find a variety of free sites.

Maybe you want to watch full episodes of the Simpsons on your lunch hour. Maybe you have never watched The Simpsons without commercial breaks. Maybe you are simply dying to hear the Stonecutter song again or see a specific story from one of the Treehouse of Horror episodes. If you're someone who stopped watching The Simpsons years ago you are able to catch up on what has happened with your favorite characters. For that matter, you can even stream the Simpsons movie straight to your laptop if you never got a chance to see it in the theatre.

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