Why Hollywood loves Stephen King


Stephen King knows it's the little things that frighten the most. 

So it's fitting that the best-selling novelist, who has had more film adaptations from his work than any modern author, finds his short stories capturing Hollywood's attention these days. 

Among them are the sinister hotel-room thriller 1408, opening Friday, the creatures-in-the-fog story The Mist, coming in November, and last year's TNT miniseries Nightmares & Dreamscapes, featuring eight short tales as hour-long episodes."When you have a shorter piece of fiction, one of the things that's attractive to filmmakers is the idea, 'We can riff on this. We can do more to it,' " King says, adding, "It gives them wiggle room." 

Filmmakers say his short stories and novellas translate better to the screen because, unlike an epic-sized novel, huge portions of the story don't have to be dropped, irking readers and leaving the occasional massive plot hole. 

(Source: USA Today)

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