Why Are There Less TV Owners Than Before

Recently a study was released showing a drop in the percentage of of households that have a television. The study that was done was done by the independent Nielsen research company. The data shows that from 2008 to 2010 the amount of Americans that own TVs dropped from 98.9% to 96.7% This is the fist time in almost 20 years that a decline in TVs has been seen.

The first reason the given for the decline is a combination of the current economy and the digital transition from analog TVs and antennas the new digital TV sets and digital sets. With the economy being down those individuals simply can't afford to make the change. Those individuals surveyed that are in the lower income ranges were forced to go without once the digital switch rendered their old TV sets obsolete.

The 2nd reason cited for the decline is that more and more media is being consumed online. The younger generation is more tech savvy and they are getting their TV fix from their computers, Ipads, Phones, and other devices instead of going out and purchasing a TV right out of college.

So a combination of the bad economy as well as that people are being more tech savvy might have contributed to a lower percentage of TV sets in the home but that has not stopped those individuals that have them getting even more out of them. In 2011 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) boasted its best attendance ever. At CES you could see the latest in home theater technologies like 3D televisions and surround sound system that would blow your mind.

So for those of you that are not ditching your television don't worry that you are going to end up with nothing to watch. Even with the drop in TV ownership 96.7% of American still have at least 1 television in their home.


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