Who can save the horror film?


Name a film that has scared the hell out of you. Does it haunt you to this day? I thought so. Were you terrified by the relentless tension, or a single terrific twist? Does it feature an iconic scene - Jack Nicholson chopping through the bathroom door, for instance; or a sausage popping out of John Hurt's chest? Is there a ghost as creepy as the caped dwarf in Nicolas Roeg's elegant masterpiece Don't Look Now? Or is your favourite fright movie besotted with the hillbilly freaks to be found in Deliverance and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

In short, what are the secrets of the perfect scary film? Roeg has a theory. “We live in constant danger. When we see a good scary movie we are haunted by the sense that ‘there, but for the grace of God, go I'.

(Source: The Times UK)

Commentary, Horror

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