Which summer movies did the writers’ strike hit the hardest?

Last year, Hollywood's writers went on strike for 14 weeks, and genre television took tremendous damage as a result. But movies didn't emerge unscathed, either — we just won't see the fallout until this year.

When the studios decided to wait out the striking writers, they put a lot of big genre TV shows in jeopardy. Some emerged almost unscathed — Lost was able to go back and finish its fourth season — but several others took major damage. For example, Heroes had to end its second season early, leaving plotlines unresolved (Catilin?) and a bad taste in people's mouths. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles ended its first season early, and by the time it came back after a nine-month gap, it had lost a lot of viewers, maybe permanently.

But because of the longer lead time for movies, we're just about to start seeing the effects of the strike — fewer movies, and worse movies


Summer 2009

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