What’s old is new in NBC’s ‘Knight Rider’ movie


Peek inside a stable, sober grown-up, it seems, and you'll find a kid who would really like to have a talking car. 

At least, that's the idea you get from people involved with NBC's "Knight Rider" movie.

"I was a huge, huge fan," says Justin Bruening, who stars. "I was talking to my bike and riding around, solving crimes."

He had just turned 3 when "Knight Rider" debuted in 1982; he was almost 7 when it ended. After that, re-runs persisted.

"I remember watching it a lot as a kid," says Deanna Russo, who co-stars.

She often plays brainy types. On "The Young and the Restless," she was a doctor; in this "Knight Rider" movie, she's a doctoral candidate at Stanford.

Still, smart people can like silly TV. Just ask David Bartis, producer of the new movie.

(Source: Pittsburgh Trubune-Review)


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