What you need to know about the Hollywood writers’ strike


What's the deal with this writers' strike you've been hearing about? Glad you asked. Unless a Hollywood-style miracle occurs, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) will likely go on strike as early as November 1. Why should we care about what a bunch of whining scribes want? No reason, except that if they walk, it may mean the end of ALL SCRIPTED ENTERTAINMENT AS WE KNOW IT, at least on network TV and most cable shows.  It's a sobering thought. Just who do these uppity writers think they are, anyway, striking? New York cabbies strike. Baseball players strike. The French pretty much invented strikes. But film and television writers? C'mon. They've already disappointed their parents by not getting real jobs. What more do they want? Duh. More money—which the entertainment industry quaintly insists on calling "residuals."  

(Source: Radar Online)

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