What keeps Tom Cruise on top?

After a long and lonely 18 months in the cinematic wilderness, the movie messiah has returned. Lions for Lambs, his first outing since Mission: Impossible III in summer last year delivers that familiar brand of intense stares, dazzling smiles, piercingly precise delivery and cocksure demeanour to let us know one thing above all else – Tom Cruise is back.

At The Times BFI London Film Festival last month, where the film received its world premiere, Cruise did his customary walkabout, 100 megawatt smile on full beam for the cameraphone-wielding crowds. He knows how to work them, even when sporting a dodgy new hairdo for a new Nazi-themed movie.

But what standing does Cruise have now? Is he still the box-office behemoth? Is he the 45-year-old A-list actor with artistic pretensions and a driving need to push and poke his own persona? Or is he the pilloried media wacko, bouncing back from the ignominy of Oprah’s couch and into the serious spotlight as an industry mogul and power-house boss of his newly purchased United Artists studio? Or all, or none, of the above?

(Source: Times Online)

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