What About Film Making And the Internet?

This is a most exciting time for independent film makers. Now that the internet and digital technology have paired up, we are seeing the old way of Hollywood switching to the new independent film makers. The emergence of this technology has paved the way to new markets and equipment for the film making industry. Most significant is the fact that this development has changed the areas where the independents have had the most difficulty- development, marketing, and distribution.

Studio big-wigs have ignored the web, treating it as a passing fad or a tool for film promotion. When Time-Warner was taken in by AOL, they understood what the impact would be. The Blair Witch Project brought this point home, the young film makers brought fame to the film with really clever web marketing. Hollywood production, marketing, and distribution has become the old way of film making, and this is causing a good bit of anxiety with the major studios.

Independent film makers who've typically been overlooked and ignored by the film making industry, are now building web sites. These websites deal with the traditional ways of film making, but many of them address the issues with funding, marketing, and distribution, and suggest remedies for these problems. Independent film makers are able to directly get in touch with potential investors with scripts and potential story ideas. They're able to pitch their ideas to the investor themselves.

There has also been an insurgence of on-line festivals, distributors, and resources where an independent film maker can market their film to a worldwide audience and show the product to the interested party directly. This market is available to all, and also the forerunners make up the criteria as they go. These new film makers will harness the web, and be successful in digital movie making.

There are several methods and techniques with regards to digital production. There are innovative trends and studies of up-and-coming independent movie makers, online. You are able to learn about script development, marketing, digital distribution, how to enter film festivals, and much more. These topics are available to anyone who is interested in learning the new techniques in film making.

The web is fast paced and growing steadily. These techniques have been out there for a while now, but as I said they has been ignored by traditional Hollywood for quite some time. These techniques are evolving quickly and they'll be critical tools for the independent film makers who want a effective profession in the new revolution of the film making industry.

Of course, before you jump into film making with everything you have, my advice is to become familiar with every internet idea and tool that will help you produce, development, and market your undertaking. Weigh the possibilities to find the best technique for you, your budget (whilst it does come with a cost, you will find internet based film making is less expensive), and your artistic skills.

As far as financing your film making endeavor, you might want to look into film making awards. There are many out there, just do a lookup on the ever changing internet.

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