Web TV Courses Aim to Fill Film School Void

Film schools have long served as launching pads for film and  television careers, and now most major universities offer at least  some sort of filmmaking courses, even for those not looking to  jump into entertainment. A number of schools have begun looking  academically at the impacts of new media on culture and the future  of entertainment, but so far the more practical nuts and bolts of  web series production and distribution have yet to make it onto into the university course lists.

In Los Angeles, two new Web TV education programs have launched this month looking to fill that gap —and at a fraction of a film school tuition. NewMedialocity and Web TV Workshop both offer four-week intro courses for creative types looking to learn how to get an original web series project off the ground. Both take the approach of teaching through experienced guest teachers—those brave souls who for better or worse have learned some of the internet’s unique lessons and opportunities over the past few years.


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