Watching movies in Gaia’s virtual movie theater


Sony and Warner Bros. this week plan to start streaming films online in Gaia, a popular teen virtual world.

On Gaia, a 2D Japanese anime-like world with about 2.5 million monthly users, people can hang out in virtual movie theaters, which offer movie screenings at set times. They can watch the film with others, chat about it at the same time and even throw virtual popcorn at the screen.

San Jose's Gaia has already offered old films such as "Night of the Living Dead" for free. The deal with Sony will introduce films such as "Spider-man" classics and "Gattica," as well as mini version of old television shows such as "Facts of Life" and "Different Strokes." Sony, which also announced it was investing an undisclosed sum in Gaia, did not disclose a price for the viewings.

Warner will start showing films such as "The Matrix," "Batman Returns," and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" as early as Tuesday. Some films will be free, but new releases will cost $1.99 per screening.

"We think it's a big step ahead for virtual worlds," said Gaia CEO Craig Sherman. "It's the next revolution of video on the net."

(Source: San Francisco Gate)

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