Wary Hollywood Plans More Chick Flicks (Hoping to Lure the Guys)


In Nora Ephron’s “Sleepless in Seattle” a weepy Rosie O’Donnell, watching “An Affair to Remember” with a sniffling Meg Ryan 15 years ago, said, “Men never get this movie.”

The notion of the “chick flick” thus came into its own. And Hollywood has been fretting about it ever since, trying to recapture that box office magic yet chafing at a label that is increasingly viewed as a marketplace trap. In New York and other locations, two of the most successful directors of the form — Nora Ephron and P. J. Hogan — are currently shooting what might pass for a couple of next-generation chick flicks. But those involved seem determined to avoid having that classification hung on their films, even if it is rooted in honest observation.

(New York Times)

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