Warrior’s Nick Nolte on aging: ‘You think about dying. Sex goes out the window’

“I’m an old man. I’m 70.”

There’s an element of rueful acceptance in Nick Nolte’s gravel-voiced admission. But he obviously feels he had to bring up this age thing to explain his conflicted response to his latest film, Warrior, in which he plays the estranged father of two grown sons who are involved in the bone-crunching world of mixed martial arts.

When he initially read filmmaker Gavin O’Connor’s screenplay, he was attracted by the opportunity, once again, to play a compromised human being, a genre in which he excels. But he was repelled by the violence.

“I called Gavin and said, ‘Jeez, do we really have to go through this?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, we do.’ ”


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