Warner Bros. to rent movies on Facebook

Warner Bros. hopes to cash in on the millions of movie addicts on the social networking platform Facebook. The studio announced it will start a test program where it will provide movies for rent and sale through Facebook, but for a brief period.

Come March 8, Facebook users will be able to use Facebook credits to view The Dark Knight through the movie s official fan page on Facebook. The movie will be available for 30 Facebook credits or $3. People will be able view these movies for 48 hours on their Facebook accounts.

Facebook credits have commonly been used for games like Farmville and Mafia wars on the social networking site. Originally these credits were introduced to eliminate the credit card but they are yet to go mainstream. Lets see if Warner Bros. offering has any effect on its success.
But, sadly this feature is currently not available in India. The website says that it is currently not available in Indian region.

Warner Bros. has been toying with new ideas through which they plan to distribute their productions. Recently, they introduced an iPad app for Inception through which people could view the movie and special features. They plan to introduce such apps for other movies too. These can be bought in India but at the price of close-to $20, these movies will be as expensive as a Blu-ray disc.

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