Wanna Live on a Movie Set?


Film sets — even the permanent ones — are by definition artifice. Sure, they look real enough from the outside, but inside, the fantasy evaporates into a maze of fake walls and uninhabitable spaces. But the make-believe reality of movie sets may soon merge with realty at Britain's iconic, 70-year-old Pinewood Studios.

As part of a planned 105-acre expansion, Pinewood Studios Group has conceived the ultimate gated community. Amid a mix of structures that would include a Roman Coliseum, a medieval, moated castle and several urban streetscapes that range from New York's Lower East Side, to Venice's canals, to suburban L.A., to a quaint European village, the studio wants to incorporate 2,000 to 2,250 actual residences.

For example, the first and last buildings of the block of New York row houses would be left empty for interior shoots. But the middle ones would house real homes and apartments. "It would be no different than if you were living on a New York street and you had a filmmaker filming outside your door," explains CEO Ivan Dunleavy.

(Source: Time)

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