Visual effects jobs vanish to outsourcing

Visual effects are the bane of Hollywood movies and jobs in the industry are starting to disappear to more distant locations. As global competitors creep up on Hollywood's expensive salaries, studios want to maximize their investments and save money. So how bad is it in the visual effects industry if you're considering a career?

If you want to see the names driving Hollywood's growth, you have to stay for the movie's credits. The very end of the credits. After the actors and electricians — sometimes even after the people who serve the tacos on set — come the visual-effects artists. These are the people who make superheroes fly and cities fall into the ocean, and the effects-reliant films they work on, like Avatar and the Harry Potter franchise, are Hollywood's biggest moneymakers. 

Their place in the credits says something about visual effects (VFX) artists' place in the Hollywood pecking order. Ironically, just as they are peaking in creativity and propelling box-office hits, VFX companies are facing a crisis years in the making. Thanks to fierce global competition, the hangover from Hollywood labor unrest and a lack of negotiating power with studios, many VFX firms are closing up shop or outsourcing to stay afloat.

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Visual Effects

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