Videogames likely competitor to movie industry

On Friday, May 2, “Iron Man” will have a much more worthy opponent than Patrick Dempsey in “Made of Honor.” This is because a mere three days earlier, one of the most anticipated video games of all time is coming out.

“Grand Theft Auto IV,” which will be released on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, is a game four years in the making. Since “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” came out in 2004, fans across the globe have been holding their breath in anticipation of the official sequel to “Grand Theft Auto.”

Now what does an inferior medium like a videogame have to do with what could potentially be the biggest blockbuster of the summer? Everything. The release of “Grand Theft Auto IV” could single handedly put a dent in the box office receipts of “Iron Man,” reaffirming the fact that videogames have become a legitimate competitor to movie studios.

(Northern Star)

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