Using deleted scenes to promote a movie


The accidental-pregnancy comedy "Knocked Up" owes some of its box-office success to scenes that didn't even make it into the movie.

In recent weeks, Universal Pictures has posted several deleted scenes from the comedy online, advertising "restricted clips" in Web ads and the bonus material on television, too. Since then, the clips have racked up more than one million viewings combined on the film's official Web site and YouTube, where fans have copied and traded the clips.  

One scene, in which a "Knocked Up" character elaborately details his desire for more graphic sex between male actors in the movie "Brokeback Mountain," has been viewed at least 493,000 times on YouTube. "Knocked Up" has already earned at least $73 million in U.S. tickets, more than any other R-rated comedy since Twentieth Century Fox's "Borat." 

(Source: Wall Street Journal)

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