Untouched by Botox or plastic surgery, Melissa Leo’s looks in ‘Frozen River’ put a wrinkle into the relentless pursuit of youth


The face in the photograph that accompanies this story is Melissa Leo's. Leo is an actor and her face, unlike some of her far more famous peers, is naturally aged. Cosmetic tinkering doesn't do it for her. "I'm not that kind of girl," Leo said recently during a blunt and boisterous conversation in a downtown Boston hotel. "If they need to have bigger boobies, then I can just stuff the bra. I have definitely lost work over the years because my chest isn't bigger than it is and because I don't have platinum blond hair."

For most of this decade, Leo has been playing women whose age falls somewhere along the spectrum of 40. (She's 47.) And if you caught her as Benicio Del Toro's beleaguered wife in "21 Grams," you're aware that Leo can exceed the spectrum.

(Boston Globe)



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