Ubisoft Motion Pictures aims to bring game franchises to Hollywood

What's Ubisoft Entertainment up to?

An article in the French magazine, Le Film Francais, stirred up a flurry of speculation this week inVariety, Wired and elsewhere about the game company's film ambitions.

It turns out that some of the details got lost in translation. Contrary to the headlines swirling in the blogosphere, Ubisoft is not launching a movie studio. But it does want in the movie business and has hired Jean-Julien Baronnet, left, the former chief executive of EuropaCorp., a movie studio co-founded by French director Luc Besson, to oversee their efforts.

Baronnet is CEO of newly created Ubisoft Motion Pictures, a boutique division within the French game company whose charter is to seek Hollywood studio partners to bring its popular game franchises to the big screen, Baronnet said in an interview with The Times. Among Ubisoft's properties are Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Rayman Raving Rabbids.


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