Twilight ‘New Moon’ movie ruled movie interest for 2009

Could we all seriously escape the specter of the Twilight saga this years? And well into next year? Not really, as the fever of this vampire saga is truly gripping movie audiences everywhere.

For Twilight fans at least, the year 2009 was invariably the year of The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Of course, in the beginning, there was still a fair amount of Twilight excitement lingering, what with fans continuing to see the film in theaters (or, let's be honest, on the internet) time and time again and DVD release parties across the country. Yet, the principle attention-grabber in our world was New Moon.

At first, it was casting. There were quite a few roles to fill for New Moon, and we anxiously waited for those announcements to trickle down the pike. It started with Bronson Pelletier, who was rumored to have scored a part in the wolfpack. Then there was Dakota Fanning, who her co-stars were supporting for the part of "Jane." Then a few photos of the current wolfpack out and about led to even more rumors. Finally, the announcement came out and it was time to inspect.



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