TVS Television Network To Begin Fulltime Sports Video Webcast in December

TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial TV network in the USA, will begin transmitting a fulltime sports video service on their website beginning Monday, December 5, 2005. The webcast will be a combination of classic events from the TVS sports library as well as new productions.

Included in the regular daily programming, which will be available for a $ 9.95 monthly subsciption, is classic and current football, boxing, billiards, bowling, soccer, basketball, winter sports, olympic style sports, roller derby, wrestling, motor racing, and other sports. All of the sports will be available for video downloads as well as viewing on demand.

TVS was the original 'occasional network' when it began in 1961. For three decades, TVS brought sports and entertainment programming - including the NCAA National Basketball Championship, NASCAR, the World Football League, NASL Soccer, boxing, bowling, golf, Indy racing and tennis to broadcast television stations throughout the USA. In the 1990's TVS was acquired by Reach Entetainment and became the largest producer of budget sports home videos. TVS has been recently acquired by Margate Entertainment Company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is currently returning to its broadcast television syndication roots, as well as its web channels.


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