TV or movie, Sex and the City is all about the enduring power of friendship

What made me watch Sex and the City, the television show, and what keeps me watching it in reruns even though there are episodes I know practically by heart, is its portrayal of female friendship and its deep, sustaining power.

I may have wondered, idly, how Carrie scraped together the rent when she seemed to spend more on shoes than she earned writing her column, or questioned her taste in clothes - or men: Big was trouble, to my mind, and that whole interlude with Aleksandr Petrovsky was lamentable.

But the show always came back to the female foursome and how they were there for each other through everything - from Samantha's breast cancer and Miranda's mother's death to Charlotte's miscarriage and Carrie coming face to face with her ex's new wife or being dumped via Post-It note.


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