TV is a ‘journey’ for ‘Grey’s’ creator Shonda Rhimes

Yes indeed, Denny's coming back.

The extended return of Izzie's late fiancé drew cries of protest from many Grey's Anatomy fans last fall, but he's an important part of the story that creator Shonda Rhimes wants to tell.

"We're heading on a journey," Rhimes says. Viewers "are in the middle and don't have a map, so they can feel lost. But I know where we're going. For me, it's about looking at the larger picture."

Despite a few hairpin turns, Rhimes has shown good directional sense operating two series, the fifth-season dramaGrey's (ABC, tonight, 9 ET/PT) — which boasts some of TV's most passionate and vocal fans — and the second-year spinoff, Private Practice, whose season ends tonight (10 ET/PT).



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