TV Guide names Top 30 cult shows ever


Three years ago, TV Guide dared to compile a list of the Top 25 Cult Shows Ever, a veritable who's who of programs that got people talking — and in many cases still had them talking long after the final episode aired. The litmus tests were many. These are the types of shows that make normal folk Romulan-fluent, series that inspire what can only be called worship. The faithful collect everything from action figures (and perhaps way too many of them) to yellowing scripts obtained by any means necessary. They attend conventions in fangs or blue skin or with Hurley's numbers tattooed in disturbing places.  

Spurred on by the successful campaign to get Jericho plucked from the postapocalyptic ashes and returned to CBS' 2007-08 slate, TV Guide revisited that years-old countdown, asking ourselves such tough questions as: Is Lost too "big" to be considered cult? Did the big-screen Serenity help or hinder Firefly's under-the-radar cachet? And, of course, just how high does one Miss Veronica Mars get placed on the list at this nascent stage in her candidacy?  

In pondering this list anew, we also shuffled around (and even excised) some previous favorites.

(Source: TV Guide)


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