‘True Grit’ teen actress Hailee Steinfeld never acted before

"True Grit" teen actress Hailee Steinfeld had no acting experience before her "Oscar-worthy" role in the 2010 adaptation of "True Grit". At just 14-years-old, the girl who plays "Mattie Ross" in the award-nominated film beat out 15,000 girls for the part and is in awe of critics' opinions of her Hollywood debut.

Time magazine movie critic Richard Corliss listed Hailee’s performance as one of the Top 10 in 2010 and says the Thousand Oaks, CA native “nearly steals the movie”.

Adding, "..Steinfeld is a striking, smiling, willowy teen who exudes a kind of naive chic. Onscreen as Mattie, she's all business, possessed of a willful poise that first infuriates and then impresses all those hard souls whose help she needs in fulfilling her mission. She delivers the orotund dialogue as if it were the easiest vernacular, stares down bad guys, wins hearts. That's a true gift."

After being nominated for sixteen awards for her role in "True Grit", the young Hailee says her award-winning experience is the best award of all. In addition to a Screen Actors Guild award for Best Supporting Actress, Hailee is stealing nomination favors in a multitude of regional film societies for her breakthrough debut in "True Grit".
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