‘Treatment’ goes deep into therapy


A lot of people in Israel, like here, used to complain there was nothing to watch on television. Then came "B'tipul" -- a five-night-a-week scripted drama about a psychologist and his clients that won every top award in that country and an unprecedented, loyal and rapt audience.

Now, when Americans are currently complaining that the writers strike has left no original programming on television, HBO hopes to repeat history. On Monday, the network will launch "In Treatment" -- its remake of the Israeli series.

"In Treatment" stars Gabriel Byrne as Paul, an intense middle-aged therapist whose life is secretly falling apart. With his patients, he specializes in listening, serious eye contact and saying things like, "I'm very interested in everything you have to say. I mean that." Viewers can watch him every weeknight, for the next nine weeks, as he befriends, challenges and uncovers the unspoken secrets of his promiscuous, suicidal, abused, angry or guilty patients.

(Source: LA Times)

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