Translating my prose into pictures


Twenty years ago, when I was a geeky teenager addicted to the Uncanny X-Men, comic books meant melodramatic tales of implausibly proportioned superheroes. Ten years later, they were still viewed by most "serious" writers as the opposite of literature. A few - Maus, Palestine, Sandman - had transcended their humble origins. Some of the more more clued-in might even have known of eccentric British genius Alan Moore. But by and large, comics were seen as a squalid literary ghetto.

No more. Today, thoughtful, complex work such as Louis Riel and Persepolis attract acclaim from all quarters; Moore is so sick of Hollywood adaptations that he has deliberately made his latest work unfilmable; and many authors who made their name as novelists (such as Jonathan Ames and Mat Johnson) have of late turned their hands and minds to comics. So when Vertigo Comics asked me to script a graphic novel for them, my initial reaction was - pure trepidation.

(The Guardian UK)


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