Toshiba to Lose Nearly $1 Billion on HD DVD


Wars of all sorts are a costly matter. Countries engaged in war have to divert many of their resources away from usual spending towards the effort. While the companies behind the high-definition format war didn’t have as much at stake as traditional warfare, there are still heavy losses associated with losing.

Toshiba officially surrendered in the high-definition optical format war on February 19, 2008. As the only major hardware manufacturer of HD DVD players, Toshiba stood the most to gain if its format proved victorious, but ultimately lost out to the format backed by Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and others.

The losses incurred by the exit from the HD DVD business will cost Toshiba 100 billion yen ($986 million) on its yearly report, according to the Nikkei business weekly. Toshiba is also expected to post a 250 billion yen ($2.49 billion) loss, falling short of its business outlook.

(Source: Daily Tech)

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