Topher Grace makes a graceful return to the 1980s

If Topher Grace seems a natural fit in “Take Me Home Tonight,” an ’80s-themed coming-of-age comedy opening Friday in which he plays an underachieving MIT grad stuck working a dead-end job at the mall, the reasons could be twofold.

For one, Grace, 32, starred for eight years in “That ’70s Show,” the TV comedy in which he played Eric Forman, a bright but directionless teen struggling to find his path, often while partying with his hapless friends. Matt Franklin, his character in “Tonight,” could be Eric a decade removed.

Grace has filled out since his sitcom days. So has his résumé. He was the menacing Venom in 2007’s “Spider-Man 3” and a cunning serial killer in last year’s “Predators.” In person, he speaks with the confidence of a onetime kid star now writing and producing his own movies, “Tonight” being the first.

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