Top 5 mistakes to avoid when making a movie

Filmmakers are worrying bunch as they should be when money and egos are on the line. But the act of making a film gets better with experience. Nobody can anticipate what can happen in the field. But there are always and lessons and mistakes to learn from the pros who have done it before you.

In the midst of tough times and dire predictions for the independent film business, it’s ironic that 10 years after “The Blair Witch Project” hit theaters—and effectively changed the expectations for small-budget indie films—a new film emerges with a similar success and a very familiar plotline.

Paramount’s“Paranormal Activity” may not hit BW’s $140 million domestic gross, but its $100 million-plus number is tremendous nonetheless, especially for a $15k no-budget feature that didn’t get into Sundance.  It’s a bona fide Phenomenon Film, one that will surely replace BW in the comparables section of every indie film business plan hereafter written.



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