Tony Scott develops movie project of ex-movie agent turned war documentarian

 Pat Dollard (center)

A few months ago I read an article in Vanity Fair’s March Hollywood issue by Evan Wright. It chronicled the rise, fall and rebirth of a CAA movie agent named Pat Dollard. Before his meltdown in the high stakes racket that is celebrity mongering, Dollard represented Steve Soderbergh and orchestrated the deals that landed Soderbergh Traffic. Grappling with drug and relationship issues, Dollard finally bottomed out. Sending a note to all his collegagues that just said “Later.”, everyone assumed this was a suicide note. But instead, Dollard hopped on a plane to Iraq and embedded himself with a group of Marines and shot a pro-war documentary called The Young Americans. Now back picking up the pieces of his life, he is hawking the documentary to distributors. Needless to say, this was all fascinating reading.

Now, it’s been recently announced that director Tony Scott has decided to make Dollard’s life into a movie. I can’t blame him. That’s what exactly popped into my head - this was a life tailor made for the movies in its absurd madness. Scott may be the perfect director for this project given his style and predilection for over-the-top theatrics with his cutting and camera. Take Domino for instance, another subject with a Hollywood connection. It was presented in disjointed and fragmented style which is quite the Tony Scott standard (also take a look at Man on Fire). Scott can deliver a projectile vomit of  broken psyche images like no other director. I don’t expect his treatment of Dollard’s life to be any tamer than his previous films.

The biggest question to ponder is who will play Dollard. In that regard, Dollard will have a lot of say in since he brings a wealth of experience negotiating the back corridors of power in Hollywood. Here's our bet: Tobey Maguire, in the hardest and edgiest role you've ever seen him in. However, sparking any kind of talent would depend on the kind of script that Dollard and Wright produce. No word yet if The Young Americans has found distribution.


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