Time Magazine speaks to the stars of ‘Ocean’s 13’


Ocean's Thirteen is the second sequel of a remake of a heist movie that was considered lightweight even by the standards of a lightweight era. But if you think the heft of the material had any effect on the seriousness with which the all-star ensemble cast prepared for their roles—well, you'd be right. TIME's Josh Tyrangiel sat down in Cannes with a very loose George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and series newcomer Ellen Barkin—in her first film role in quite some time and, in case you forgot, kind of a live wire—to discuss politics, Al Pacino, the Pitt-Jolie paparazzi juggernaut, and their favorite leading men. And in Barkin's case, to exploit every possible opportunity for innuendo.

(Source: Time)

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