Tilda Swinton brings originality to the big screen with ‘I Am Love’

In this day and age, when more and more entertainers feeling like they have to conform to certain images or personas to keep getting work and recognition, Oscar-winning British actress Tilda Swinton is proof that you can be a true individual and still be a successful, in-demand artist. Swinton does big studio movies as well as smaller independent films, some of which Swinton didn’t abandon during several years of development.

One of those indie films is "I Am Love," an Italian-language drama in which Swinton stars as Emma Recchi, the wife of a wealthy textile mogul in Milan. Because the Emma Recchi character is a native of Russia, Swinton (who is also one of the producers of "I Am Love") had to learn to speak Italian with a Russian accent.


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