Thomas Haden Church’s choice career

Thomas Haden Church is a man of contradictions.

He's gamely appeared in a posh hotel dining room to talk about his new movie, "Smart People," but home on his Texas ranch is clearly where his heart is: His worn long underwear peeks out from a freshly pressed Ralph Lauren button-down shirt, and his jeans are tucked into muddy boots. His refusal to use contractions, eliding pronouns and verbs, would lend his speech an archaic formality if it weren't studded with curse words.

And while the 47-year-old has the chiseled features and macho demeanor of a leading man, he's best known for playing quirky characters like the narcissistic friend in 2004's "Sideways," which shares some similarities to his new role as Dennis Quaid's underachieving brother in "Smart People." Michael London, who produced both movies, explains Church's oppositions like this: "Tom is the most tortured person I know -- at least who hasn't turned to heroin or killed himself."

(LA Times)


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