Thinking Japanese: Carrie Cracknell on bringing a Takeshi Kitano film to a Scottish stage


The two dancers are tied together at the waist by a red rope. Its length defines the circles in which they move, making them fight its restrictions. But it also enables a new range of movements not possible before.
The red rope binding a man and woman is one of the most striking images of Takeshi Kitano's cult movie from 2002, Dolls. The lover, doomed to wander the earth tied to his wounded beloved, is one of three stories of love and loss that interweave in the film.  

But what I'm watching is not a Japanese movie, it's a piece of Scottish theatre. Director Carrie Cracknell is developing a stage adaptation of Dolls under the auspices of the National Theatre of Scotland's Workshop programme, which supports emerging artists.

Filmmaking, International Cinema

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