The Tao of Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is a fervent believer in seven-year cycles. “My mom told me, ‘Every seven years, everything changes: your physical being, your emotional being, the way other people look at you. Everything’ … Oh, God,” she moans, mocking herself. “This is the kind of shit—if I go into the bookstore and ask for the astrology section, they’re always like, ‘Oh, a.k.a. the crazy-lady section?’ That’s where you’ll find me. Yep, the crazy-lady section.”

The thing is, if you look back at Ricci’s life, her loony theory holds up: She’s not so much a star as a Hollywood comet locked into a semi-leisurely orbit. And having just turned 28 on February 12, she sees this spring as “the end of a seven-year cycle and the beginning of a new one.”

(Source: New York Magazine)


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