The subtle art of TV Twittering

When Fox’s “Prison Break” ran its series finale last month, fans of the show were left wondering if the lead character was really dead. Their response was to go online and post a whole lot of “WTF?s” in chat rooms, fan sites and Twitter, using the Internet acronym for “what the f**k?” For 20th Century Fox, the studio behind the series, a WTF? or two is a good thing. It means fans are curious and engaged. Fox’s efforts to use social media to both gauge and shape buzz for the series finale illustrates one of the ways in which TV programmers can harness social media. In this case, the studio judiciously doled out clues on social forums rather than issuing a blatant promotional message for “Prison Break: The Final Break,” an 88-minute DVD releasing July 21 with never-before-seen episodes.


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