The rise of micro feature films

Time is precious these days, and audiences are busy and cynical. Who has time for the two and a half hour movie? Truth be told, plenty; the surprisingly vibrant Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, among other 2009 summer tent poles, topped its runtime out at a number usually reserved for historical epics, Stanley Kubrick movies, and long-take black and white Eastern European films heir to Miklós Jancsó. In a film festival setting, shorter is better. Subtract CGI robots and who wants to watch anything over 70 minutes? One may say “the hardcore,” but the correct response to that quip is that the hardcore would rather watch two 70 minute movies that one twice as long. Tiring of the latest Oscar-bait, white elephant, prestige film, or wanting to dabble in a festival feast without spending your entire afternoon at the movies? Than this year’s New York Film Festival is for you.



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