The Rehabilitation of Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is trying to talk about her new movie, "Rachel Getting Married," in which she plays Kym, a recovering drug addict who cuts out of rehab in time for her sister's wedding. It's a hard-edged, powerful performance that's earning Hathaway Oscar buzz for the first time in her career. But Hathaway keeps getting interrupted. She's sitting on the patio of a New York hotel; five or six stories up, her dog, Esmeralda, keeps whimpering from the balcony window. "Hi, baby!" Hathaway calls back. "If she starts barking, I might have to go up. I'm totally wrapped around her finger."

Esmeralda was in New Jersey for the summer with Hathaway's parents while the actress did press for "Get Smart," and last night the whole family celebrated Anne's visit to New York with hamburgers and reruns of "The Office." Esmeralda cries louder. "She's so pretty. Ahh, it's heartbreaking. So heartbreaking. She's looking right at me." And with that, Hathaway dashes upstairs.



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