The race for Oscar heats up with ‘The Kite Runner’


Heads up, Oscar watchers.  I've just seen the movie that has, to my mind, the best shot at WINNING Best Pic.  I'm not, nor would I ever say it WILL win but it has the right stuff TO win.  Longer review coming but I'll say this much: you won't see another movie like it.   Hopefully audiences will get over the idea that it's a movie about "them" and will see that it's themes are universal.  It's also Marc Forster's best film to date.   

The Oscar years I love best are the ones that offer a variety of different types of films that do different things.  If you just take Into the Wild, The Kite Runner and No Country for Old Men, that is quite a lineup if they are nominated for best pic, and then you add Michael Clayton (maybe), Charlie Wilson's (maybe), and There Will Be Blood (maybe), Sweeney Todd (maybe), this won't be a year for complaining about how there are no good movies anymore.   It is shaping up to be one of the best in a good, long while. 

(Source: Awards Daily)

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