The Pitt-Affleck Paradigm


When Brad Pitt won the Venice Film Festival's Best Actor award two weeks ago for his portrayal of the legendary leader of the James Gang in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, the victory amounted to yet another confirmation of the star's lofty perch at the top of Hollywood's A-list. Golden-haired, fit as a gladiator and possessed of a face that has aged gracefully past the performers'-nightmare age of 40, Pitt is almost surreally well-suited for the position of movie star, as if his genes wouldn't permit him to be anything but. 

This blessed aura - to say nothing of his talent - has powered him to such honors as an Oscar nomination (for 12 Monkeys), three Golden Globe nods and – much to pal George Clooney's delight - two separate years of recognition as People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. He has also maintained a balance of box-office hits (Ocean's Eleven,Troy) and risky auteur-centered provocations (Fight Club, Babel), while his personal life - most notably his romance with equally gorgeous and talented actor Angelina Jolie - exerts an undeniable fascination to mere mortals.  

Oh, but if only fate were to spread the wealth at least a little, and nudge that Best Actor prize from the Italian fest over to Pitt's Assassination co-star Casey Affleck. An idiosyncratic, innately likable veteran of oddball indie fare like Gerry and Lonesome Jim, Affleck has yet to reach true celebrity status. This could be by his own choosing - the life of a character actor likely yields richer creative rewards than that of a marquee name - or, as with Pitt, it could be a matter of essential DNA. 

(Source: Yahoo)

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