The Passion of John Cusack


It's not that John Cusack isn't trying.

In his latest film, "War, Inc.," the 41-year-old actor plays a corporation-hired hit man charged with assassinating the CEO of a competitor. In his career, he's also played a beleaguered playwright ("Bullets Over Broadway"), a lonelyhearted record store owner ("High Fidelity"), a U.S. marshal ("Con Air") and Nelson Rockefeller ("Cradle Will Rock").

But ask many people -- including some moony-eyed staffers -- about their image of Cusack and they immediately respond, "Lloyd Dobler": the good-hearted, boombox-holding, kickboxing hopeful the actor played in 1989's "Say Anything."

But Cusack said he doesn't mind being most closely associated with a role he played when he was barely out of his teens.


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