The New Ad Frontier for Filmmakers

When the big ad agencies and media companies contract, gaps in the landscape form wherein new blossoms can sprout. One such newcomer is Maximum Entertainment, a production company that makes video ads. Maximum's pitch, to marketers and ad agencies that might be interested in hiring it, revolves around the company's stable of directors, almost all of whom come from the world of film.

The Internet continues to rework most long-held assumptions about media and marketing, but many advertisers, rightly or wrongly, still spend serious sums to ensure they get beautiful images. There are ego issues associated with hiring famous directors—all marketers think their products are stars—but the real dividends come from unusually memorable ads. (A favorite, at least around my cubicle, is the "My Life, My Card" American Express spot shot by critics' darling and Rushmore director Wes Anderson.)


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